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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 6, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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geoff: oh, yeah. [laughter] although i can't figure out why you're wearing those coconuts. craig: yeah, i don't see any point of the coconuts myself to be honest. is it some kind of cbs censorship thing where you can't show a ginger nipple on tv? sorry for blowing your cover there, tom. [laughter] geoff: he has unusually large areolas. craig: a lot of people like that. i have a large areola on one of my three nipples. geoff: it is so large, it just looks like one large areola. craig: it looks like i just left a plate sitting on my chest. geoff: like a fleshy bull's-eye. craig: that is a name i used once in my life. geoff: i remember that and i
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paid a lot of good money to see you. [laughter] craig: well, there goes your minute. [applause] captioned by the national captioning institute captions ]. [
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stand by for captions ]. [ stand by for captions ].
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cause just as soon as that fire is 100% out. garrett? as you already know it was blazing hot out there today. tonight it is still miserable, especially if you do not have air-conditioner. and guess what? tomorrow another scorch relumes. it is still 92 degrees. can you believe that? it's ridiculously hot. anny, what is going on here. >> you can feel the humidity in
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the air still, derrick. when you factor in the humidity, it feels like we're still in the mid-90s right now. it feels like 97 degrees in downtown, loseburg 90, annapolis also 92, pax river in the lower 90s, and the dew point, are, 6 0s and 70s. that's as bad as we see it around here. here's a look at our dew point comfort index where you can see the 70s. it is progressive in the mid to upper 60s, bearable. so, yeah, we see a lot of places already over 70 degrees in the dew point level. so doppler right now, fairly quiet this evening. we did have a chance for some isolated storms. most of those stay to the north and west of us, in the baltimore area, and things are actually pretty quiet for this evening. your wake-up weather tomorrow oh, yeah be prepared for another scorcher, 7:00, temperatures only cooling down
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into the 70s by 9. we are already in the 80s. it will feel like 90s when you factor in the humidity. i'll talk about how long this heat lasts. it gets worse before it gets better. back to you. >> thank you, anny. well a two-year-old child beaten to death. her accused killer, a 12-year- old living under the same roof. it happened on tuesday. prince george's county police made the announcement today. kim molostino is live tonight at headquarters. investigators are just trying to make sense of it. ken? >> reporter: absolutely tragic information we learned. the name of this two-year-old victim is ania batchor. the name of her foster brother is not being released because of his age. a family home turned murder scene. it was inside a house here in the 1800 block of taylor avenue on wednesday that frantic 911 call went out to ania batchor.
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>> the father performed cpr, but the child was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> reporter: the suspect according to police is her would be 12-year-old foster brother. little ania lived with her foster parents. the foster parents told police they weren't home and had left all the children under the supervision of a 15-year-old sibling. >> at this point, he is being charged as a juvenile. that could change. >> reporter: the 12-year-old boy is facing a second degree murder charge and has been taken away and placed in a facility. investigators say this isn't the first time a teen in the county is charged with a similar crime. >> the last time a preteen had been charged with murder in prince george east county was in 2006. >> reporter: and earlier tonight, i spoke with a spokesman from the maryland department of human resources who says right now it is against their policy to give any information regarding the status of this foster child, because according to them, police have ruled out any
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negligence or abuse by the way of the parents. police are still willing for a motive behind all this. we're live in prince george's county, ken molostino. it's the weather that killed the electricity. it's the weather that's making the job a lot tougher, and the weather is once again causing power outages. darren neuronberg has one example. >> reporter: we saw workers at this substation throughout the evening, working on what fire officials described as overheating, some equipment endangered. the trouble knocked out power to the busy intersection of 355 and red land road and to areas homes and businesses for about two hours. also in durwood, ready for some irony? >> i work for the department of energy. >> reporter: and. >> i volunteer with other employees to look at energy restoration in the event of national emergencies. >> reporter: he finally got his power back thursday night. first thing -- >> i want to take a shower.
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>> reporter: and sleep not in the basement. >> this is where my wife slept. she's taller. we had the fan we had going 24/7. that's the dog slept over here, and i slept in a computer room that had no internet access on the floor. so i basically got no sleep at night. and then with the two dogs they were running back all night long, because they wouldn't settle. so all night long you heard click click click click, sweating to death and couldn't sleep. then i had to fete up and go to work. >> this energy restoration expert had trouble getting answers. >> day after day, i would call the customer support line, and the people were very respectful, an they gave me the information that they had. unfortunately every day i called, i got different information. >> reporter: we are live in dillwood now. technical difficulties a moment ago prevented us from seeing
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this substation where our report began. because of the extreme heat there's an increased demand on systems still trying to recover from the devastating storm a week ago. when we asked pep cowhat happened at this substation earlier this evening, it responded by saying it had to turn off power for a period of one to two hours in order to, quote, "stabilize the system." that's what caused the outages you saw in the taped report a moment ago. extreme heat is forecast for the next several days, and pep cohas been urging their customers to keep their thermostats no lower than 78, to turn off unused electric appliances to try to keep heat demand down so we don't have a repeat of what happened earlier this evening. back to you. >> you can imagine the demand would be overwhelming. all right. thanks, gary. next week, the maryland public service commission is all set to decide whether or not to approve a $66 million rate hike for pep co. now today, 9 news spoke with the chairman of the public service commission, and he told us pep comay not be getting
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everything it wants. >> pep cohad not been maintaining its system to the level we expected. >> reporter: expected. >> he noted the commission fined pep colast december for its poor performance. the number of people without power in the area is dwindling. pep coreports 1700 outages remaining in the district, 9500 in gosh, 1300 in prince george's county. virginia, they're looking at 1500 people without power in nova. bg and e said there are over 200 powerless customers in the county and over 1400 in prince george's. so how do the power cans compare when it comes to getting your power back on? the answer in just a little bit. we have a woman who found a grenade in her basement, causing quite a scene in bethez day today. she brought the grenade to the police station, which was then shut down as a precaution. nearby streets were also taped off. the fire marshall responded and made sure the munition was not
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a threat. no word on whether the grenade was live or not. new information tonight in the deadly restaurant shooting in sandy springs. we now know the names of the officers and the name of the deceased game. now, this all started yesterday afternoon at the urban barbecue. according to the gosh police department, 63-year-old prince otto macer was seen armed in the outdoor dining area. sergeant james rid nick and matthew weedener tried to communicate with him, but he refused to comply and both men fired their weapons. the cops are on shave leave while the investigation continues. in campaign 2012 news tonight, some interesting presidential polling numbers. according to cnn's poll of polls, president bedroom holds a lead over mitt romney in the popular vote; but as the 2008 election told us you have to -- considered up for grabs. the president is on a two-
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day bus trip through two states seen as critical to his reelection, ohio and philadelphia. mitt romney's campaign has put louisiana governor bobby jindal and louisiana governor tim plenty on their own bus to shadow the president every mile of the way. >> i want goods shipped around the world stamp with "made in america." >> reporter: back rack has been in nearly four years. >> tomorrow the president's bus heads to philadelphia. the republican bus will be right behind him. the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed a teenager could soon go free once again while awaiting trial. today a judge set bond for george zimmerman, this time at a million bucks. back in april, the judge released zimmerman on $150,000 bond, but revoked that after he learned simerman misled the court about his finances. zimmerman is charged with
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second degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. mortgage rates continuing to drop. they're now at an all-type low. the new figures show the rate have dropped to 6.32%. if you're looking to take out a home for $200,000 your mortgage payment will be over 900 bucks a month. still to come, a malicious computer virus that could keep you from getting online on monday. >> how to protect yourself and your pr right after the break. plus what happens when a city's
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last year the fbi busted a ring of computer hackers in estonia. now the soft wear would redirect people to different sites, racking up millions of dollars in illegal fees.
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since then, the fbi has been using ultimate servers to keep the infected computers online. but on monday, that system is being shut down. that could mean no internet for 64,000 computer users. do want to know if your computer is infected. looking on to if your computer has a virus, the site will tell you how to fix it. i tried it earlier. only takes a minute. in response to an analysis of power restorations, tonight pep cois out with some new numbers. >> and our investigative reporter used the new data to compare pep co's restoration times to everybody else. >> reporter: we analyzed the same numbers utilities claimed for themselves through the fourth of july, finding day after day, pep comostly with the lowest or near lowest restorations of the bunch. in the 24 hours after the storm according to pep coit had restored only 20% of its customers, compared to the much small novak, which reported
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restoring 62%. was a also behind to toe mac ed son and dominion which reported the highest restoration rate at 26% with power in our analysis. of the big three, on sunday our analysis shows dominion restored 58%, bge, 53%, and pep co, last place reporting 42% restored. as crews spread through the region mono, pep coagain ranked last in our analysis. bge reported 68% restored. dominion reporting 73%; pep coreported only 65% of its 456,000 customers had power. tuesday and wednesday our analysis shows pep conot coming in last, but within 1 point of last place, nearly tieing with bge. the numbers angered gosh president roger lynner. >> we expect to look at these numbers and we expect to hold pep coaccountable, since in their judgment they have not
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measured up. from what i see there's certainly a strong basis to assume they have not measured up. >> reporter: experts say a lot of factors go into evaluating a utility's response to a storm, and you can not use restoration averages alone. critics say it is one more example of pepco not stacking up. i'm investigative reporter russ petasik, 9 news now. pep cotoday donated $25,000 to the american red cross. the red cross and local emergency management agencies have been providing food, water and shelter to impacted residents. pepco said it is also working with police and fire officials to make sure they know how to handle electrical power emergencies. we have a lot more information on the after the of this epic storm on our web site they had to cancel their fourth of july festivities because of last friday's storms. but cheer up, gaithersburg residents; the city is rescheduling its fireworks display. it's for next friday.
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the action starts at 5 at the montgomery county fairgrounds. i guess when it gets dark, fireworks. deciding's biggest fireworks show was over in just a matter of seconds. a technical glitch last night caused all of the fireworks to go off it at one time. it lasted 15 seconds. thousands of spectators geared to get a view. some people even camped out for hours to see the fireworks others used the restroom, came back and it was all done. >> all the effort we went through to get down here. we got the hotel, walked all the way down here. no-show. >> it was a ripoff. come on. >> i'm with that kid. the fireworks company has apologized and said, "hey, next year, we'll do it for free if you'll have us back." i don't know if it was worth it. >> from what you said earlier it's amazing it doesn't happen more often. there are so many well
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synchronized displace, this one doesn't go right. >> ours went fantastic, though. did you see it? >> i should have stayed home and watched it on tv, because you get the music with it, and you don't have the crowd. >> i like that. >> high-def. >> sure does. >> cool. >> because you had your power back. >> yeah. thank god. so we're talking about -- glad that your power is back, because you're going to need the ac the next couple of days, and things are going to get even worse. we got up to a hundred degrees today, and we're talking about the heating getting more intense for your weekend. our weather camera tonight, a beautiful shot of the capital. temperature is 89; but bio, dew points in the 70s. so it feels a lot hotter out there. as doppler is showing us, a fairly quiet night. we had a couple of thunderstorms, similar to the area up north in philadelphia, but baltimore saw some thunderstorms.
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but the immediate d.c. area was quiet. the heat index, feels like 97 downtown, because the at this point is so high. upper 70s in menace sass, low 90s in leesburg. winchester feels like we're in the 80s. packs river, you're very warm, at the lower 90s. right now temperatures else. it is pretty warm everywhere you look. new york in the lower 8. want to cool off, go to providence. in the lower 7 0s right now. even richmond and charleston, warm in the mid-8 0s. our satellite and radar picture showing us the severe weather in through parts of eastern wyoming where we also have some tornado watches as well. we're looking at another hot day friday; and things get even more intense just in time for your weekend. so we're talking a heat advisory, maybe a watch for friday. already for saturday, the national weather service issuing an excessive heat watch, because it's going to be hotter on saturday. in fact, we could see some record heat, and then some big
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storms possible on sun, because we have a cold front coming through. overnight partly cloudy with an isolated shower or thunderstorm. only a slight chance for that. lows will be in the 70s. tomorrow morning, don't forget your sunglasses, the sunscreen and the water. it will be muggy, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. for the afternoon, we're going to heat up quickly once again. an isolated thunderstorm possible, highs around 100 degrees. in downtown, temperatures getting to the triple digit, just like today. arlington, 101. your next three days, code yellow alert day because of the heat. saturday look at that, 103, sunday some big storms possible. temperatures topping out around 97 degrees. here's your next seven days. really watching sunday. some of our models are showing we could see some severe weather come through this way. maybe some damaging wind gusts again, some severe storms. so keep checking back with us as our model gets a better hand the for how the cold front will
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impact always. the good news is once that front comes through we'll have cooler air. we're talking lower 80s by tuesday and wednesday. so sunday, if you've got outside plans going camping check back with us. we'll update you. >> in the evening, a thunderstorm. >> yeah. after the evening. >> so what's this? >> that's your matitude. you had some tonight. nashville bringing out the broom this evening, doing it in dramatic fashion. find out what turned the tide. plus this olympian is going for
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over the last two nights the nationals have been the better team, dropping them out of first in the ml west. the giants like the nats are known for their pitching staff, and tonight with matt cane on the mound, they had their best chance for a w. it was turn back the clock night. look at these beauties celebrating the 1924 washington senators. that's the ground crew, and the giant were the new york giants for the evening. all right. to the game, the nats down 4. danny espinoza, a comeback, back to back homer off matt cane. that was it for him.
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cue the 9th inning dramatic. the nats down 1. price harper gets a base hit to right field. tyler moore comes in. men doe cy makes it all the way to 3rd. we are all tide up. a big boy at bat for harper. three batters later, adam la robbery, chops one, looks like a double play. puts it to the first baseman. drops the ball. harper comes in and scores. that is your winning run. the nats win this one 6-5, sweeping the giants. and despite having an all- star kind of night, there will be no appearance in the mid- summer clocks for the rookie. harper finished third in the fan voting. the reigning series mvp david freeze will fill the spot with the national league. >> hopefully i've got a few more years to try to make a team, and i think the fans will have a lot of fun up there, and that's the biggest thing. it's for the fans, and i think,
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if i don't go it won't hurt them at all. to the olympics. the olympic games are all about inspiration, determination and bringing out the best world athletes. one woman has a chance to make history this summer over in london. this is kim rosy from chino, california, a seat shooter, preparing for her fifth olympic games. she competed in her first when she was 16 years old. if she medals this um, she will become the first american to do so in five straight olympics in an individual sport. >> i'm very excited about it; but at the same time, i don't think it's quite hit me yet. >> you could make history out of all places, the olympics. >> no pressure, right? thanks. >> no pressure. good luck to her. >> that's five consecutive? >> five consecutive olympics, and medals in every one. >> why not sixth, ñ'
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